Shark Fishing


There are many different techniques for targeting sharks, but here aboard the Hooked Up 2 we have found a very productive way to cover the top middle and bottom of the ocean, all at the same time. Why you ask? Well we do this to increase our odds of catching the sea monster of a lifetime!

We like fishing in about 350 feet of water witch is right about where the continental shelf begins.

We start out with a butterfly (A butterfly is where we cut the center with the bones out and leave both sides connected to the head) bonito or kingfish and a wire leader and send it down about 150 feet. Once we get it down where we want it we will tie a balloon to the line and let this make shift bobber out about 40 to 50 feet behind the boat.

Then we take our second bait (bonito or kingfish) and send it down 350 to the bottom.

For our third bait we like to suspend another bait (bonito or kingfish) from a kite.

Now we’ve got the top middle and bottom covered.

At this point the Captain will hold the boat in one place as good as possible in order to allow the sent of the baits to get out and let the sharks come to us.

Down here in the warm seas we see quite a few sharks moving threw such as Hammer Heads, Black tips, Silky sharks, Tiger Sharks, Treasurer Sharks, and even some Makos if were lucky!

Once you find yourself hooked into one of these sea monsters HANG ON!!!
We’ve had some sharks take well over an hour to get them to the boat.

Now bare in mind that here aboard the Hooked Up 2 if you get tired and have a friend help you while you take a rest we are going to bust your chops!!