Sail Fishing


There are a few different techniques and styles of fishing for sailfish.
Here of the coast of Fort Lauderdale the most practiced method for targeting sails are with kites.
Kite fishing is the most popular and affective way of catching these magnificent fish that swim up and down the coast of South Florida.

While kite fishing may seem as if to be a very complicated and difficult at first it really is quite a simple technique. Just imagine a real long out rigger with a kite at the other end.

Here’s how it is done aboard the Hooked Up 2.

The Captain will face the bow of the boat into the wind and than just simply let the wind carry the kite up and away. As the kite gets about 60 feet away there is a little swivel on the line witch we will snap on a little release clip too.
Ok here where the mate comes in he will already have a live bait hooked in the color just behind the head. Now the mate will point the rod tip up to where the Captain can reach the line of the rod tip and just simply snap the line through the release clip. Now as the Captain continues to let the kite out till he gets to the second clip and than repeats the same routine as the first bait.

Pretty simple how your line goes right up to the release clip and you have this perfectly placed bait on a leash swimming his but off waiting for this big sailfish that just can’t resist it. As the sail swims away with the bait the line simply pops out of the release clip and BAM you are connected.

So the advantages to kite fishing:
First and foremost presentation. It just does not get any better than this live bait splashing and sending out these distress sounds.

Second 9 out of 10 times we will see the fish before he even gets to the bait so we are ready for him.

Thirdly when we do get Hooked Up and the line pops out of the clip we still have other baits up there so we are still fishing for others while we are fighting a fish.

And last but certainly not lease comfortably!! Remember we have the bow of the boat pointed at the wind so when it’s rough out there. There is no better way to fish and stay relatively comfortable.

Bare in mind while kite fishing you never know what else might show up Sharks, Kingfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi ect.